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Live closing meetings…

This video I talked about the car accident I was in in 1990. I had it together for about 2 years by then… 

I popped on Facebook to talk about my most embarrasing moment as a slob. CLICK HERE to find out more about Tidy Tutor University

Live closing meetings…

I tell you about all the broken bones, and how we managed after with 4 children under the age of 10.

This video I talked about the car accident I was in. It was 1990. I had gotten it together about 2 years prior… 

Day #1  Clutter Magnet Challenge. 


CLICK HERE For PDF of the homework for Day 1. (It is a google doc. After you click on the link, scroll down to the bottom for instruction on how to copy or download the doc)

Video #1 Day 1
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Day 1 Facebook Live at 5 


This is almost an hour long. Use it to keep motivated as you are working on stuff at home.  I answer questions and we chat about everything day 1.

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Day #2  Clutter Magnet Challenge. 


Day 2 we are deciding what items/containers we need to make the area orderly. After we bring the things that obviously don’t belong, we asses the items that are left and make a list of what we need. (CLICK BUTTON TO DOWNLOAD NOTES AND ASSIGNEMT)
I’ve included a bonus video. I went to Holly’s house (it was her desk that I used as a demostration.) I bought over the baskets to take care of the things she needed to contain. It’s  just 6 minuts.

Video #2 Day 2
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Day 2 Facebook Live at 5 


Q and A time, and hanging out together. Use this time to work on your projects while you listen.

Keeping conntected. Q and A


Day #3  Clutter Magnet Challenge


  • Today we are playing catch up.
  • Learning how to stop the clutter magnet from becoming repopulated.
  • Mindset
  • (Facebook group) 

Click HERE to go to the Facebook Group.


Bonus video on words. In our Facebook Live I brought up how many of us use negative words to describe ourseves. I did a Cawfee Tawk on this and that is what I’m sharing here.

Live at 5 on Facebook recording. Listen to it like a podcast while you work.


Video #4 Day 4
Clutter Magnet Challenge!

There are 4 steps to today’s assignment and then we are done! Be sure to watch the video.

1. Get items in containers you’ve gotten for the space from day 3.
2. Dust, Spray and Wipe things down.
3. Get up shelving or hooks if you needed to.
4. Put everything back in it’s place.

We connect later on today live on Facebook. CLICK HERE to go to Facebook.

Video #4 Day 4
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Bonus video: How to avoid a potential hot spot.

When a room is clear of clutter, here is a way to make sure that it stays that way AND a way to always know where to find what you need when you need it.


This was our last meeting. I recap of all 4 days.  To find out about Tidy Tutor Universiy CLICK HERE
Kathy (The Tidy Tutor)

Creator of Clutter Magnet Transformation Challenge

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